Star Reading Preferences

Star Reading has three categories of preferences that can change the way the program functions: giving students more time to answer test questions, requiring an authorisation password before a test can begin, and so on.

If a Star Reading class is copied into the current school year from the prior school year, the settings for that class's Testing Password Preference are also carried over into the new school year.

School Preferences can be set by school network administrators and school network staff for any school in the school network; school administrators can set them for their own school. Once a school is selected from the School drop-down list, that school's settings for the preference is shown.

There is one School Preference:

  • Lexile® Measures: This preference determines whether Lexile® measures appear on certain Star Reading reports.

Classroom Preferences can be set for classes by school network administrators, school administrators and teachers who are assigned to a Star Reading class. There is one Classroom Preference:

  • Testing Password: Lets you decide whether an authorisation password is required at the start of each Star Reading test; the preference also allows you to set the authorisation password.

Student Preferences can be set for students in a specific class by school network administrators, school administrators and teachers assigned to the students' Star Reading class. There are two Student Preferences:

Viewing Preference Settings

Click Star Reading on the Home page, then click Preferences.

Once you are on the Preferences page, you can view the current settings for all the preferences. You may need to use the School and Class drop-down lists to view the preference settings for a specific class or student; see the instructions for setting each of the preferences for more information.