Tips for Getting Started

There are a number of tasks that usually need to be done in Star Reading at the start of a new school year. Select a task to see the instructions for it.

New school year checklist

Checklist of things to do in all programs at the start of a new school year.

Set the Password Requirement Preference

Determines whether an authorisation password is required2 to start a Star Reading test and what that authorisation password is.3

Set the Extended Question Time Limit Preference4

Extend the amount of time a student has to answer questions.

Set the Estimated Instructional Level Preference5

Changes the difficulty level of the first question the student sees on a test.

Print a list of student user names and passwords6

Have this information on hand and review the procedure for logging in students.

Review instructions for testing students

Familiarise yourself with the entire test-taking procedure.

Stopping a test

Be ready for interruptions by knowing how to pause or stop a test.

View or print reports7

Review student test results and use the information to help plan instruction.