Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle to Plan Your Calendar Year

Freckle can be part of your annual planning at the start of the school year.

Beginning, middle and end of year.

  • Have pupils complete a baseline and identify their Freckle levels.
  • Import using a Star benchmark, Freckle adaptive tests or another system your school may use.
  • If you are using Freckle to give a diagnostic, review the pupil data in the appropriate reports to identify skill gaps.
  • Once you have identified skill gaps or areas of struggle, ensure pupils take baselines in those specific areas, so they can practise them.

Spend more time in Freckle on learning gaps.

  • Consult your school/school network curriculum map.
  • Now adjust your curriculum map / scope and sequence for the year based on your Freckle data, so you are spending more time on areas that pupils are struggling in.
  • Need more ideas for curriculum units? Check out the resources in our objectives page.

Collect data for reports and progress monitor so pupils are ready for tests.

  • Pupils to practice in Math Adaptive daily- consult our usage recommendations as a guide to collect enough informative data.
  • Assign objectives-based targeted tasks to monitor progress on your current teaching topics.
  • Triannually, review pupils' report cards and objectives based reports.