Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Homework

Logging in at home is easy. Pupils can access adaptive practice and tasks at any time with their classroom code and access to a computer.

Set expectations with parents

  • If you plan to have your pupils use Freckle at home, send communication to parents/guardians describing the program and providing log-in instructions.
  • Pupils will need their classroom code to access Freckle. Many teachers write this on pupil folders, task notebooks or laminated log-in cards to ensure it is always handy. Pupils can also access Freckle using QR codes at the log-in page.
  • For pupils without computer access at home: Access our Printables collection to print out differentiated worksheets to send home.

Use Freckle adaptive practice or targeted practice

  • Ensure pupils spend their time in a meaningful way by assigning or free choice:
    • Adaptive Practice
  • Try Tasks First Mode under Your Account and/or edit pupil dashboard settings on the Class List Page

Monitor pupil progress

  • You can track pupil progress by using the "Task Report" and share with parents using the "Report Card."
    • Leverage reports as an accountability feature for the pupils to ensure they were working on the correct practice mode/task.