Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle in Stations

Stations can be a terrific way to supplement core teaching or to do strategic intervention. Freckle's powerful differentiation tool can be your catalyst for effective, differentiated stations in general and intervention classrooms.

Maths Stations to Supplement Core Teaching or for Strategic Intervention

Choose your focus area.

  • This could be a domain, a power objective or another lesson from your curriculum.
  • Use Freckle benchmarks or another diagnostic like Star to identify an area of need for the class. Alternatively, use our "Performance by Objective" or "Class Grouping" reports to identify an area of need.

Deliver and assess a mini-lesson for review using Freckle.

  • Search Freckle's Objectives page to find a quick video reference for a mini-lesson or a fully-prepped, pupil-centred IBL to re-introduce a concept.
  • Use our Targeted Practice 3-question Exit Ticket to get a quick sense of pupil understanding.

Identify your pupil groups using Freckle data.

  • The "Class Grouping Report" gives a range of same-skill or different-skill groupings; the "Performance by Objective Report" gives you three buckets of pupils for every objective.
  • Alternatively, base your groups from a quick Freckle formative assessment like an Exit Ticket, given right after your direct teaching.

Initiate your stations and rotate them every 10–15 minutes.

  • Independent Practice Station: Pupils complete adaptive practice in the relevant domain; if focusing on a objective, have pupils practise in the domain. Alternatively, use foundational tools like Number Basics or Fact Practice.
  • Reteaching Station: Use the model questions from our Objectives Page, or a commonly missed question on one of a previous task, to demonstrate effective problem-solving for pupils in your focus area.
  • Conceptual Station: Use an IBL, Constructed Response, an Adaptive Printable or other manipulative project to engage pupils' higher order thinking skills in your focus area.