Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Intervention and IEPs

Freckle's differentiation platform provides an effective way to differentiate teaching and monitor pupil progress within an intervention program.

Automatically Differentiated Practice to the Individual Pupil

  • You have identified pupil's area of need based on Freckle and other assessments. Use Freckle's automatic adaptive features and targeted tasks to target those areas.
  • How to get started in Maths:
    • Assign or have pupils self-select a Maths Adaptive Task in the domain area of focus (example: Geometry).
    • Assign or have pupils self-select Freckle Fact Practice.
    • Administer task on the specific skill/objective (at any year).

Progress Monitoring for IEP Data

  • Teachers track pupils' performance and growth through a series of reports that illustrate progress on the class level and individual level. These reports indicate how pupils are performing compared to year, as well as individual pupil growth over time.
  • How to get started in Maths:
    • Use data from Adaptive Practice, Targeted Practice and Benchmark Assessments to monitor pupil growth in the Freckle Maths "Report Card".
    • Assign more than two benchmark assessments, domain or objective specific, to see a pupil's growth report.