Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Project-Based Learning

Discover Maths concepts through real-world scenarios

  • Explore Inquiry Based Lessons (IBL's) for Years 2–9 including: Measuring Earthquakes, Working at the Farmer's Market, Traveling the World, Introduction to the Stock Market and many more.
  • Use Constructed Response for Years 7–10 to explore maths domains including: Geometry, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Exponential Equations and Expressions, Descriptive Statistics and many more.

Engage pupils through critical thinking and active learning

  • Identify objective or domain for real-world application and group practice. Use filters in IBL section to explore relevant IBLs and choose one.
  • Review teaching materials and handouts for each piece of the lesson to understand targets/instructions and plan time in weekly lesson plans.
  • Lead IBLs—suggest that pupils watch video (2nd day on) independently before group and watch again together.
    • Review questions in beginning of presentation are great as warm-ups and getting pupils discussing/sharing ideas to target maths practice objectives.
  • Pupils work in small groups using handouts to work towards the target of that day's IBL (Pro tip: Use "Class Grouping Report" to form small groups).
  • Review as a class. Focus on pupils communicating reasoning and evaluating ideas and evidence to stress maths objectives and conceptual understanding.