Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Summer/Winter Breaks

Pupils can practise across Maths domains during summer/winter breaks, snow days or other times simply by logging into and accessing their adaptive practice.

  • What are some general guidelines?
    • Ensure pupils have their class code information so they can easily log-in at home.
    • Encourage pupils to use adaptive practice: pupils can log on to Freckle and pick up where they left off.
    • Give pupils a set number of tasks to work on while they are away from the classroom.
    • Get parents on board! Help them feel comfortable using Freckle at home by sending a quick letter or email about the program. Be sure to include how pupils login, including the class code. Provide expectations for parents about how often their pupils should be practising.
  • How can my pupils use Freckle over the summer?
    • Ideas for using Maths:
      • Printable Worksheets (Years 1–9)—use these to spiral in review of objectives from the past few units of the school year (can be printed and included in packets).
      • Constructed Response Worksheets (Years 7–10)—try including one conceptual, one situational and one visual in pupil work (can be printed and included in packets).
      • Targeted Practice (computer access only).
      • Skills practice (computer access only).