How do I choose my school affiliation?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


When you first sign up for an account on Freckle, you will be asked to select the school at which you teach. We ask for this information to ensure we are providing every school with the highest quality Freckle experience possible.

Selecting your School Affiliation

Once you have created an account, you will be logged in to your teacher home where you will need to select your school affiliation. Note that if you do not teach at a school or are not located in the United Kingdom, select that option in the initial drop-down list.

Once input your school's Postcode, you will see a list of school options appear—select your school from the available options.

The Get Started with Freckle window. A drop-down list lets you choose your school's country; a search field below that lets you search for your school, or use your current location. An 'I don't work at a school' link is at the bottom.

Add Pupils to Your Class List

Select Manage Class Lists in the left navigation bar. Then select Add class on the page that follows:

The Add your first class message, which reads: 'Before your pupils can practise at their own level, you will need to create a class and add them to it.' An Add your first class button is below the message.

You will then be prompted to name your class and select the year(s) of pupils in that class. You may select multiple years:

Finally, you will be prompted to add all pupils in that class. You can even set pupils' default language to English or Spanish. Repeat this process for all other pupils in your class.

If you cannot locate your school in the Postcode search, please double check that you input your school's Postcode correctly. It is easy to enter the wrong Postcode but a simple Google search will be able to confirm which Postcode your school falls under.

If you are still unable to find your school in our search, let us know by submitting a help request.