How does Freckle support pupils with special needs?

Freckle is currently working towards AA level WCAG compliance; however, Freckle already has a number of features that help you accommodate pupils with special needs:

  • Freckle does not have time limits; pupils are not required to work at a specific pace in any practice mode. There is a 90-second time limit in the Piggy Shop, but on the Support Settings tab of the class list, teachers can disable that limit for any pupil who might need additional time.
  • Teachers can choose which practice modes as well as which Maths domains are available to pupils on the Dashboard Settings tab of the class list. They can also choose to enable foundational practice modes, such as Number Basics, for any pupil, regardless of their year.
  • Teachers can also assign differentiated practice in core practice areas, such as Adaptive Maths and Fact Practice, in order to support all learners' practice needs.
  • Pupil dashboards look the same for all pupils within a year, regardless of the level a pupil may be at in comparison to their peers.
  • Maths has printable options to accommodate pupils who may have difficulty with on-screen reading.