Can I have my pupils retake the baseline to see growth over time?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


Freckle is adaptive, meaning that as pupils practise, Freckle will automatically adjust their level up and down. This means that letting pupils practise will ensure that they are at their appropriate level. With the adaptive nature of the program, teachers should not need to reset pupil work to have pupils retake the present (apart from very specific situations).

When Should I Reset Pupil Work?

For this reason, you should only reset pupil work to have pupils retake the diagnostic if you believe another pupil (or sibling) accidentally logged into the account and ended up with the pupil at a level so different from his or her current working level that the program is rendered useless. Do note that even then, this difference in ability and practice will only last several sessions, as the program quickly works to adapt to pupil ability level.

If you do want to reset pupil progress, you can do so through the Class List page in the top left of your teacher home.

  1. Select the gear icon at the end of the row for the pupil's name and then select Reset pupil options.

  2. You will see the option to reset pupils by subject or domain. Note that if you reset a pupil, ALL of their past data in that subject/domain will be lost. Make sure you are certain that you want to reset pupils before doing so.

    A reset drop-down list is shown for the maths domains the pupil is working in, along with a message: 'Is your pupil working at the wrong adaptive level? Resetting the pupil will prompt him or her to take the baseline again, which will place them at a new adaptive level.' A Close button is in the lower-right corner.

After resetting a pupil's work in a particular subject or domain, he or she will need to begin again with the diagnostic.