What kind of information will I see in weekly and daily email reports?

Teachers will receive weekly emails about Maths Practice and Fact Practice. The weekly emails contain information about pupil progress, including things such as:

  • Pupils that did/did not log in that week
  • Commonly practiced Maths domains
  • Levels grown in Adaptive Maths practice and number of questions answered
  • Pupils who may be struggling with particular skills
  • Pupils who have not shown growth

Teachers can also receive daily email updates on how the pupils in their classes are progressing.

Example daily email report (links are for display purposes only):

Your Daily Report

November 16, 2020

Hi Alex Merlino,

Your class practised in Freckle yesterday! Here is how they did:

Years 1/2 Class



Questions Answered Pupils Practiced

View Pupils
Average Accuracy

View Class Activity

Pupils who passed a maths level yesterday:

  • Eric J.
  • Michael C.
  • Carol P.

Pupils who dropped a maths level yesterday:


* Pupils who are struggling on a domain are prompted to work on an associated Lower Year domain
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