What can I do on the Objectives page?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


The Objectives page for Maths lists the objectives covered in Freckle and provide information/resources related to each objective, including an indicator of how many of your pupils are working towards (or achieving) mastery of the objective.

Changing Domains/Years

In order to look at objectives from different domains or years, just select the desired year.

Getting Information/Resources about an objective

In order to get more information or resources about a particular objective, you can select any part of the objective description. Once you select the objective, you will be taken to a new page that looks similar to the one shown below.

At the top of the page, just beneath the objective description, the objectives page will show you exactly how that objective is broken down in the Freckle system, into skills and subskills for scaffolded support when pupils get stuck. Teachers have the ability to assign targeted practice at the objective level, or more specifically, the skill level. For each skill, they can also reference example questions or generate printables to have pupils complete practice on that skill using pencil and paper.

Scrolling down the page, teachers can also reference the teaching videos that are available to pupils in the Freckle program during practice. These videos also exist at the skill and sub-skill level, and combining the videos with the example questions/printables is a great way to pull a small group for teaching or review.

Lastly, every objective will come with additional Freckle resources that teachers can use to help guide their pupils to a conceptual understanding of the objective. In Years 2–9, every objective will have an inquiry-based lesson that teachers can use with their classroom. You can use existing articles to learn more information about inquiry-based lessons and ways to best incorporate them. For objective from Years 7–13, teachers will also have access to constructed response prompts that can be used individually, in small groups or whole-class.