How do I share a pupil’s data with another teacher?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


In schools around the country, it is becoming very common for multiple teachers to work together towards educating pupils. Whether it is a co-taught classroom, a general education teacher working with a resource teacher or a maths interventionist planning out individualised lessons for a group of pupils, teamwork is vital if we want to succeed. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for all teachers to have a complete understanding of pupil strengths and weaknesses, preventing key stakeholders from providing every pupil with the best maths education possible.

This is why we built the new "Share" feature. By sharing a pupil on Freckle, all teachers involved in the education of a pupil will have an updated look at his or her progress and performance, lending insight as to how they should target teaching and provide support. The share feature makes sure that every teacher is able to do their best work so that all pupils can reach their full potential.

Sharing Pupils

You can easily share pupils between teachers. Select the gear icon next to a pupil's name and then select Share/transfer with another teacher.

The message reads: 'Do you want to share or transfer this pupil?'

Once you choose to share that pupil, a pop-up window will prompt you to select whether you will be sharing the pupil with a teacher on Freckle or with a teacher who has yet to create a Freckle account. If sharing with a teacher on Freckle, you will be able to select the pupil(s) and find any teacher within the same school network to share that pupil with.

Due to privacy concerns, teachers are currently unable to share pupils with teachers outside of their school network.

The Share pupils screen, with one pupil already selected. You can select additional pupils, or use the Select All and Select None links to select or deselect all the pupils at once. At the bottom are drop-down lists where you can select a school and teacher to share the pupils with. If the selected pupil(s) are already shared with another teacher (a co-teacher), that teacher's name is shown under the list of pupils. The Share button is below the drop-down lists.

If sharing with a teacher not on Freckle, you will have the option to invite them to create a free Freckle account through email or with a link. Note that you will not be able to share pupils with a teacher who has yet to create a Freckle account, and will need to re-share them once the account is created.

You can send this invitation message by selecting the Send email button or by selecting the Copy link button (and then using an email or messaging program to send the link).

Once the sharing settings are updated, all teachers on the share list will have access to that pupil's data. You will see the number of teachers each pupil is shared with on the Class List page, and can select that link to see which teachers have access to that pupil's data.

If at any time a teacher with whom you once shared a pupil no longer works with that pupil, you can remove their access by selecting Remove co-teacher next to their name.

The selected pupil is shared with another teacher (a co-teacher). Use the 'Remove co-teacher' link to the right of the teacher's name to stop sharing the pupil with that teacher.

That teacher will no longer have access to that pupil's data, and he or she will no longer show up on that teacher's class list.

Sharing FAQs

How do I know if I shared a pupil with a teacher?

The class list will tell you exactly how many teachers each pupil is currently shared with. You can select the link provided to see which teachers have access to that pupil's data.

A teacher just shared their class with me but I do not see that class list in my account. Why?

Two things:

  • Make sure you have a class created on the Class List page. Until you do this, you will not be able to "receive" any pupils.
  • When another teacher shares a class (or just a pupil) with you, that pupil automatically is put into your first, or default class. To move the pupil into another class of yours, select the gear icon next to that pupil's name (), select Move to another class of mine and then select the class that pupil should be moved to.

When I share a pupil with another teacher, what can I see regarding that pupil? And how about the teacher I shared the pupil with?

Whether you are the "owner" of that pupil or the teacher that "received" that pupil, you are able to see all the pupil's data and activity in your reports.

If I shared multiple pupils or a pupil with a teacher, which class code should the pupil use?

The pupil will technically be able to log in using both class codes but should always use the class code unique to the teacher they are currently working with (for task purposes).

If I am the "owner" of the pupil in the class list, and I give out 3 tasks, and the teacher I shared the pupil with gives out 2 tasks, what will the pupil see?

The pupil will see 5 tasks on their dashboard.

What happens if I "remove" a pupil from my class list that I have shared with another teacher?

Neither you nor the "receiving" teacher will see the pupil anymore. However, the pupil can be "restored" at any time by going to the Class List page, scrolling all the way to the bottom and selecting See my removed pupils. You can elect to "Restore" any pupil from that list, which will add that pupil back to your first class list, from which you can re-share the pupil.

If I am the "owner" of the pupil and I have tasks first mode turned on, will the pupil have to complete all tasks with me and the teacher I shared the pupil with?

No, the pupil will only be in "tasks first mode" in your class, as long as the pupil uses your class code when logging into Freckle.

What is the benefit of sharing?

  • For the pupil, they only need to take the diagnostic baselines one time, and they can aggregate their coins in one place.
  • For teachers, everyone who works with the pupil can see comprehensive data and results for that pupil.