What content and topics does Freckle cover in Maths Practice?

We cover all of the major objectives and skills in maths for Years 1–10. Freckle groups skills and objectives into larger topics, often called domains. Below, you can see the major topic groups we cover (as well as their abbreviated names).

These names may appear differently depending on what county you are in and what objectives your school follows.

Lower Year School Topics

  • Counting & Cardinality (CC)—Year 1
  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA)—Years 1–6
  • Numbers & Operations in Base 10 (NBT)—Years 1–6
  • Geometry (G)—Years 1–9
  • Measurement & Data (MD)—Years 1–6
  • Numbers & Operations—Fractions (NF)—Years 4–6

Middle Year Topics

  • Ratios & Proportions (RP)—Years 7–8
  • Statistics & Probability (SP)—Years 7–9
  • Expressions & Equations (EE)—Years 7–9
  • The Number System (NS)—Years 7–9
  • Geometry (G)—Years 1–9
  • Functions (F)—Year 9

Upper Year Topics

Pupils can independently work their way through Upper Year Courses (Algebra or Geometry). Learn more about this practice mode here.

Are you looking for more basic concepts? Check out Number Basics or Number Facts (both available for Year 1–3 pupils).

  • Number Basics covers foundational maths skills and number sense
  • Number Facts covers practice in conceptual understandings of addition and subtraction