What Freckle features are different in Upper Years maths?

Upper Years Courses option: Upper year pupils will see Upper Year Courses as an option on the Maths Practice menu. When this option is selected, pupils can access Algebra and Geometry courses (for upper year pupils, Algebra domains are no longer presented in Adaptive Maths).

The Upper Years Courses option on the Maths Practice page is selected, opening a second window where the pupil can choose to practice Algebra or Geometry.

Skill selection: Within upper year courses, pupils can choose recommended skills that follow a predefined skill progression or select skills to practise from a provided list.

A list of skills to practise is at the bottom of the screen. One of them is a recommended skill, and is shown with a 'Recommended' flag at the top.

Assigning objectives: Teachers can assign upper year pupils on the Maths Objectives page and view skill progression for each upper year course.

The Maths Objectives page, filtered to only show Geometry skills.

Finding courses: Teachers will see upper year courses on the Maths Content page; they can also search for available courses from within the Targeted Practice assignment flow.

The Maths Content page with High School Courses selected. On the Select Objective page, Geometry (Primary) is the chosen domain; skills in that domain are listed below.

Reporting: Teachers can use reports to track which upper year skills pupils have mastered.

A math report, showing which pupils have mastered specific Algebra skills.