What are Inquiry Based Lessons?

Inquiry Based Lessons are cross-curricular activities that build conceptual understanding of mathematical topics while pupils explore real-world scenarios. In an Inquiry Based Lesson, pupils will:

  • develop the questions to answer and work together to find solutions
  • be encouraged to collaborate and think critically
  • never be told what operation to use or what steps to take

The open-ended nature of Inquiry Based Lessons lead to more rigorous discussion. Lessons for Years 2–6 are scaffolded with open-ended questions. Middle year lessons do not include these scaffolded questions, allowing for more independence.

We aim to connect each Inquiry Based Lesson to a science or social studies concept associated with the specific year, in addition to covering specific maths objectives. The lessons span a wide range of engaging and age-appropriate topics for Years 2–9 including:

  • taking a trip to the local library
  • scuba diving in saltwater lakes

To explore Freckle's library of Inquiry Based Lessons, log on to the Teacher Dashboard and select Maths in the left navigation bar. Scroll down to the Reason and Problem-Solving section and select the Generate button next to Inquiry Based Lessons. You can search by year, objective or topic to find a lesson that works perfectly for your class.