How can I change the language of Freckle's user interface?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


Changing Languages for Teachers

Go to the Your Account page. You can set the language to American English or British English.

The user has selected their name in the upper-right corner and selected Your Account from the drop-down list. On the Your Profile tab, the user is selecting 'British English' from the Language drop-down list.

When a teacher creates a new pupil, that pupil's language is initially set to match the teacher's but it can be changed (see next section).

Changing Languages for Pupils

Go to the Class List page; then, select the settings icon at the end of the row for a pupil and choose Edit pupil.

After selecting Edit pupil, you will be able to change the pupil's language.

On the Pupil Details tab, the user is selecting British English from the Language drop-down list.

  • Pupil languages can be set to American English, British English or Spanish.
  • Pupils will see all Freckle user interface text in their assigned language.
  • All maths text and questions will be presented in a pupil's assigned language.