What data can I see on the Assessments Report?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


Freckle's assessments can cover all year objectives or be customised to focus on a particular domain, a particular objective or multiple domains and objectives. They can be used to monitor progress throughout the year, as end-of-unit exams or as more frequent formative assessments at various points throughout a unit.

These assessments allow teachers to track pupil performance and progress throughout the year that can then help inform their teaching. Teachers have access to detailed information about pupil performance and progress right on their Teacher Home.

Checking class progress on a benchmark assessment

To check completion progress on an assessment, select Reports in the left navigation bar; then, select Assessments.

When you view the Assessment Report, you will see a list of the assessments you have assigned and the number of pupils who have completed each assessment (out of the total pupils to whom the assessment was assigned).

Monitoring class performance on a specific assessment

In the Assessments Report, you can see more details about pupil performance on a specific assessment by selecting See assessment report in the row for the assessment.

The in-depth details are divided across four tabs:

Tab 1—Pupil performance

You can see how pupils performed on the specific assessment, and the colours quickly show you which pupils may require special attention.

Tab 2—Domain performance

On this tab, you can see how your class performed on the domain(s) assigned. Furthermore, you can expand each domain to see how each pupil performed in the given domain.

Tab 3—Objective performance

Similar to the Domain tab, you can see how your class performed on a specific objective on an assessment. This can help you determine which objectives to re-teach with your class. You can also drill into a specific objective and see how each pupil performed on that objective.

Tab 4—Question performance

Similar to the Domain and Objective tabs, the question tab shows you the exact questions that were included in the assessment and how your pupils did on each question. This helps you pinpoint exactly what types of questions might be tripping pupils up. Since Benchmark Assessments include bucket questions and multiple answer questions, this is a good way to get pupils comfortable with these question types.

Monitoring class growth on a series of assessments

If you have created the same assessment multiple times, Freckle will provide you with a report showing how your class has grown and improved on that assessment over time. You will know this is available because See growth report will be readily visible on the Assessments Report home page (as shown below).

Selecting the Assessment itself will trigger the Assessments page to open new rows for every instance in which that assessment was taken by a pupil or multiple pupils in your class. You can see the dates and scores and view individual assessment reports for more specific details on performance.

Selecting See growth report will take you to a new page where you can multiple tabs of data related to pupil growth on Freckle assessments. The Pupils tab will let you see exactly how each pupil performed on previous instances of the assessment, and how they have grown over time.

The Domains tab will focus on improvement over time in specific domains (depending on which domains were covered in that assessment). The Objectives tab will appear in the exact same format as the Domains tab but will be focused on specific objective and growth over time on those objectives.

These detailed reports will help you set your class up for success in county testing and beyond.