How do you calculate time practised on Freckle?

In the Activity Feed on the teacher home, you will notice that we list the amount of time a pupil practised on Freckle. Most Freckle practice modes track the amount of time pupils are actively working on a session. When monitoring the amount of time your pupils practise on Freckle, it is important to take the following into account.

We only include the time that pupils practise with a Freckle product open on an active working session.

Pupils might spend time clicking around the dashboard, going to the Piggy Shop, looking at their badge library, etc.—the time spent doing those activities will not be included as time practised on Freckle. We do this on purpose to allow teachers to truly track the amount of time pupils spend working on the program.

Some pupils may also exit the Freckle program and go explore something else on their devices. When this occurs, we will not count that time spent on the computer as time practised on Freckle because they were not working on Freckle.

Most Freckle products support the tracking of time practised but some do not.

Products that calculate time practised:

  • Adaptive Maths
  • Targeted Maths
  • Maths Tasks
  • Fact Practice
  • Number Facts
  • Maths Benchmark Assessments
  • School Network Benchmark Assessments

Products that do not calculate time practised:

  • Inquiry-based lessons

This means that if your pupils spend 10 minutes on inquiry-based lessons that 10 minutes will not appear as part of their total time practised on the various reports.

If pupils keep Freckle open during an active working session and go do something else on the computer, we will still calculate that as time practised on Freckle.

At this time, we do not have complete insight into whether pupils are actively working on Freckle while a session is open. We use the best data available to calculate time spent, which in most cases is the length of time a session is open and/or how long it takes a pupil to answer a particular question or set of questions. Because of this, we recommend pupils remain focused while on Freckle. If they do have something else to take care of while on a device, we recommend they log out of the Freckle session (and maybe the program itself) before doing so.

There are certain actions that may interrupt time tracking, which may lead to discrepancies with reporting.

  • Closing a browser or tab in the middle of a session or putting the device to sleep may interrupt time tracking.
  • In Adaptive and Targeted Maths, the "Are you still there?" modal pauses time practised.
  • Exiting a session in the middle of it by clicking on the Freckle logo or logging out will interrupt time tracking. Note that Freckle will prompt pupils to inform them that their progress will not be saved.

Pupils can track time practised in Freckle Maths using My Tracker on their dashboard.

Although all pupils can see their current day's time spent on their dashboard home page, pupils in Years 7–13 can use an additional dashboard feature, My Tracker, to hold themselves accountable with task completion, progress and time. Using this tool, pupils can track their time practised in Freckle Maths. For this dashboard view only, time spent is rounded to the nearest increment of five.