What data can I see in the Skills Progress report?

The Skills Progress report can be used to identify gaps in pupils' Year 1–10 focus skills (if they are using Freckle Premium integrated with Star Maths assessments) or their upper year maths courses.

Focus Skills are only shown for teachers using Freckle Premium integrated with Star Maths. Upper year skills (Algebra and Geometry) are shown for any teacher whose pupils have practised those skills.

Teachers can use the report to see which skills pupils have mastered (by answering 4 out of 5 questions related to that skill correctly). This makes it simple for teachers to identify gaps and target instruction accordingly. By selecting an item in the grid, teachers can see the name and description of each skill, along with a link to resources they can use.

The grid is color-coded so users can tell which skills pupils demonstrated mastery for in a Star Maths assessment and which skills they have mastered during Freckle practice. Icons provide additional information:

Current level.
Skill mastered by Star Maths assessment.
Skill mastered in Freckle Practice.
Pupil had low accuracy with the current skill.
Pupil has mastered all Focus Skills through their rostered year.