What teaching supports are offered within the Maths Practice Program?

Teaching supports are weaved throughout our various Maths Practice and Targeted Products.

  • In all Year 1–6 domains, if a pupil answers a question wrong, hints will automatically appear in a slide-out window from the right (when available):

    A geometry question with a hint in the slide-out window.

    Pupils can also select the light bulb to see the hint at any time.
  • Academic Vocabulary: Pupils are able to select underlined academic vocabulary to view or hear a definition in guided questions and prompts.

    An example maths problem. Two of the words in the problem are underlined; one has been selected, opening a pop-up window with a definition of the word and an audio button so the pupil can have the definition read to them.
  • Peer-to-Peer Maths Supports: Pupils in all years can see the name of up to 3 random pupils in their class that have already mastered the objective they are working on.

    In this example, a pupil has answered a question incorrectly. In the pop-up window is a list of pupils in the same class who have already mastered this skill.
  • Language Customisation: Pupils whose language is set to Spanish can toggle the language of both Adaptive Practice and Targeted Practice questions between Spanish and English.

    A geometry question presented in Spanish and English; the button to switch back and forth between languages is in the upper-right corner.