How do I remove old pupils and courses from my class list?

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators

At Freckle, we do everything we can to preserve pupil data from year to year. To prevent our users from accidentally deleting important information, Freckle does not offer the ability to completely clear out a class list. However, our clean up tools help you get rid of old pupils and courses in just a few steps.

Option A: You do NOT want to keep any data from last year. You want pupils to retake baselines and start with a 0 coin balance.

  1. Upload your new class lists and de-select the merge duplicate pupils option.
  2. New class list data will enter your teacher accounts.
  3. Teachers can simply delete any class lists from last year.

Option B (preferred): You would ideally like to maintain pupil data, but do not want any duplicate or old pupils or courses in your class list.

The fastest and most thorough way to remove unwanted pupils from your class list is to get rid of old, teacher-managed courses.

Follow these steps:

  1. Sync your class list, either through Renaissance or Freckle's import tool. Our system does not know which records to delete unless you have admin-managed records in your class list.
  2. Select Clean up Class List on your dashboard. Also select Clean up Courses. Note that as a first step, Freckle will merge duplicate pupil records into one record.
  3. When you confirm the course clean up, the system will remove courses if:

    • the course was created by a teacher AND
    • the teacher has at least one admin-created pupil.
  4. Important: After these courses are deleted:

    • Pupils will no longer be able to log into that course.
    • Teachers of the removed courses can still recover the pupils from their "removed courses" folder.
    • If the pupils in a deleted course also belong to non-deleted courses, they can still access their non-deleted courses as usual.

Manually removing pupils and courses

If outdated courses still exist in Freckle after the bulk-archive process, you can manually remove them.

  1. Impersonate the teacher who owns the course from your class list Dashboard, by selecting the  right arrow  icon next to the teacher's name.

    The Teachers tab of the Manage Class List page; the icon to select is in the Actions column.
  2. Select Class List in the sidebar.
  3. From the teacher's class list, select Empty Class from the drop-down list.

  4. All pupils in the class will be transferred to the teacher's "Removed Pupils" folder. The class will disappear from the Freckle class list.