How does the Pupil Target Setting feature work?

The Pupil Target Setting feature on Freckle allows pupils to set a target and work towards achieving that target throughout the week. In order for the target setting modal to appear on a pupil's home page, that pupil must have completed at least 5 adaptive maths practice sessions. Once that criteria has been met, all pupils in Years 4+ will be required to set a target upon their first login of each week. Targets will be reset every week.

On the left half of the pupil home page shown below, you can see the option to Set Target for this Week.

An example pupil home page, with a reminder to set a target on the left; the 'Set Target for this Week' button is at the bottom of the reminder.

Clicking on that button will prompt pupils to select which type of target they would like to set. Pupils currently have the option to set a target for answering questions correctly or for meeting a minimum accuracy threshold on a set number of sessions. Coming soon, they will also be able to set a target for growing levels. Practice in Maths counts towards the targets set.

The pupil is presented with different types of targets to set. After selecting one, they use the arrow button at the bottom to continue.

Once they select the type of target they would like to work on, they will then select the rigor of that target. Each target will have a coin reward tied to it for those pupils who achieve the target. The more difficult the target selected, the higher the reward.

The pupil has chosen an 'Answer questions' target, and now needs to decide how many questions they want to answer correctly this week: 20, 40 or 60. There are coin rewards for each option. The back arrow and 'next' check button are at the bottom.

In this case, the pupil has selected to answer 60 questions correctly throughout the week. The reward for achieving that target will be an additional 1,000 coins deposited into the piggy bank.

A confirmation message for the pupil, which restates the target and reminds them how many coins they will earn if they reach it. The 'next' check button is at the bottom.

As the pupil practises and answers questions correctly, the target setting bar will automatically be updated to reflect progress towards that target. Here we can see Thomas is 40% of the way towards answering his 60 questions correctly.

The pupil's home page, with a status report on how close they are to achieving their target.

Once the pupil achieves their target, the notification below will appear.

A notification congratulating the pupil for meeting their target. A 'Collect Reward' button is at the bottom.

From that point on, pupils will be able to see on their home page that they have achieved the target set. Do note that pupils can only set one target during a given week. They will not be able to set a new target until the following week (which begins on Mondays).

The pupil's home page, with a 'Target Complete!' reminder.