Review Assignments

Who can do this with default capabilities?

School Network Administrators, School Network Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

Finding resources is a three-stage process—this page is for the third stage:

  1. Selecting skills to practice
  2. Choosing assignments
  3. Reviewing assignments

  1. The skills you are working with are in the top (calendar) row .

    The resources you have chosen on the Choose Your Assignments page will be arranged in two rows:

    • Links to Resources : These are resources designed to be presented to students in your class.
    • Teacher Resources : These are resources that you can use to help you teach.

    The number of items in each lane is in parentheses after the lane's name.

    Double-click a resource on this screen to view it.

  2. Choose the learning objectives (skills) to include on each day. To move a skill to a day (or from one day to another), select the dots on the left side of the skill and drag it left or right to the day when you plan to teach the skill. When you move skills, any resources associated with the skills will also move.

    You can also expand a skill so that it spans more than one day. To do this, select the arrow on the right side of the skill and drag it to expand the skill width to span the days you prefer.

    To hide the skills, select Collapse below the skills .

    Note: If your school's non-teaching days have been added in Renaissance Place, you will see them marked "Non-Teaching Days" . (Non-teaching days are not shown if you selected students from multiple schools.)

    In the lists of resources, notice that the colors match the skill colors from the Choose Your Assignments page. This will help you quickly identify the skill that each item relates to.

  3. Use the links on the right to add more links to student resources or teacher resources . (This will take you back to the Choose Your Assignments page.)

  4. If you want to delete a resource, select it. Then, in the pop-up window that opens, select Delete .

  5. To hide a list of resources, select the arrow to the left of each list name (it will change from to after you select it).

  6. Once you have finished selecting and arranging resources, select Print or Create PDF at the bottom of the page to download a printable PDF version of the resources as you have arranged them on the screen.

  7. Select Done to discard your selections and return to the Dashboard that you started from.

    Be VERY certain you want to do this! (You will see a warning message, giving you the choice to actually discard your selections or cancel and return to generating a PDF.)