Student Progress View

When you select a student's name on the Growth and Achievement page, you will see the student's most recent Scaled Score and where it fits into the benchmark categories (as shown by scores and colours). You will also see other results from the student's most recent test, including Normed Referenced Standardised Score, Percentile Rank and recommended Accelerated Maths library.

student scores

If the student's last test was before 21 January 2015, the student's test data will not show on this page.

Below that, you can choose to view either Domain Scores or Suggested Skills.

The Domain view shows where the student's score falls across domains and the domain level expectations. You will see the student's percentage score for each of the domains and where the student's Scaled Score fits in the benchmark categories.

Domain Scores

The Suggested Skills list skills that the student may need to work on and the year level for each skill.

To get a printable PDF of this information, select the PDF icon in the top right corner of the popup window (if the icon is available).

Close the window when you have finished viewing the student's information.