Account Options under Group Administrator Control

The Account Options allow Group Administrators to control settings for user management, content and curriculum. Follow the steps below to access these options:

  1. Log in to myON as the Group Administrator.
  2. Click on My Group, Account and then Account Options.
  3. select My Group, then Account, then Account Options

  4. You can change any number of options at the same time. Use the radio buttons and fields to change the options. When you have finished, click the Save button (in the top right corner).
  5. account options

    These options are available:

    • Library Management: Sets who can manage book availability by setting minimum year levels for books or by managing book collections.
    • Minimum Book Year Level Scope: Sets whether minimum book year-level restrictions apply everywhere in myON or only in the myON Library.
    • In-Group Only Sharing: Sets whether the projects that users in your group share will be shared only in your group or with all myON users, regardless of group. This setting also determines whether users in your group can see projects created outside your group.
    • New User Creation Restriction: Sets who can create new students. If this restriction is enabled, only the Group Administrator and School Administrators can create students; if it is off, Teachers can also create students.
    • Set your myON school year: Sets your myON site's start date for the school year. You can use the default (July 1) or a custom date. The date that you enter will be the start of the new school year every year; on that date, students and teachers will begin working in a new school year.