Audio Options

This topic explains how to pause or mute audio when reading books and how to turn off audio for students. Note: Some advanced or specialised books may not include audio; in those cases the Play/Pause button will not be available. All books within the myON core collection include audio.

Pause Audio

The Pause/Play button is on the left side of the bar at the bottom of the page. Select this button to start playing audio (if it is not already playing).

select play

When audio is playing, the button changes to Pause. If you select this button, the audio and highlighting will be paused for just that page, but will start again when the page is turned.

select pause

Audio Volume

The Volume button is next to the Play/Pause button at the bottom of the page. To change the volume of audio, select the button and move the circle up (for louder) or down (for softer).

select volume

Go Back 10 Seconds

When you are playing audio for a book, if you want the audio to go back 10 seconds, select the button with a "10" on it next to the volume button.

select go back 10 seconds icon

Turn Off Audio for Students (Teachers)

Audio can be turned off completely for an individual student or for multiple students at the same time.

  1. From your dashboard, click Classroom, then Students.
  2. select Classroom, then Students

  3. Tick the box/boxes next to each student you wish to turn off audio for; then, click the Select an Action drop-down list and choose Audio Setting.
  4. select the Select an Action menu and choose Audio Setting

  5. In the Select Audio Setting drop-down list, select Always Off.
  6. use the second drop-down to choose Always Off

  7. A message will ask you to confirm whether you want to change audio settings; select Yes.
  8. Another way to turn off audio is through the Reading Options when creating/editing projects.  Refer to How to Create Projects (Teachers) or How To Edit Projects (Teachers) for more information on this option.

Speed of Audio

There is an option to adjust the audio speed while reading a book. If you open the Settings in the menu bar on the right, you will see an Audio Speed setting. Move the circle to the right to speed up the audio, or move it to the left to slow down the audio. The arrow above the slider will show you if you are playing audio at normal speed (normal speed icon), at a faster speed (fast speed icon), at the fastest speed (fastest speed icon) or at a slower speed (slower speed icon).

use the Audio Speed setting.

Other Considerations

The device you are reading books on needs to have working audio.