Determining Project Completion

Follow the steps below to quickly see students' progress on a project you have assigned. These steps apply to Teachers and School Administrators. 

  1. Go to your projects in myON. This page lists the due date, the number of students who started the project, the number who have finished and the total students assigned to the project.
  2. By clicking the project title or the eye, you open the project so you can see the progress that each student has made. On the right, you will see the number of students who have not started, who have started and who have finished. On the left, you will see a list of students with the selected status (Started by default). You can click the other status numbers (Not Started or Finished) to see a list of students with that status. When you click a student's name, you can see the status of each task in the project for that student. (an orange progress bar that is partially filled) means the student's work is in progress. (a red progress bar) means the student has not started a task. (a green, filled in progress bar) means the student has finished the task or work. By clicking a student on the left and clicking a task, you can see what that student has done for the task.
  3. The following icons are used for project tasks:

    Icon Type of task
    Reading Task (read books)
    Graphic Organizer Task
    News Task
    Writing Task
    All Purpose Task

    The example below shows the graphic organiser that a student submitted for a graphic organiser task. For tasks that require the student to submit something, you will see the student's submission.

  4. When you click the Finished button, it will show you the students who have fulfilled the requirements of the project.