Get Started with myON (Students)

The guides and tips below help students and families get reading in myON.

Logging In

Students follow these steps to log in and start using myON:

  1. Go to
  2. Select myON Login.
  3. select myON login

  4. Start typing your school name and select it from the drop-down list.
  5. type your school name, then select the school from the list

  6. Enter your user name, then your password. Select Sign In.
  7.  enter your user name and password, then select Sign In

    Note: Each student has a unique user name. Ask your teacher if you need help. Passwords are case-sensitive.

  8. The first time you log in, the Interest Inventory will open.
  9. Primary Students

    For each category on the page, choose the face that shows how interested you are in that category. When you finish, select Save at the top or bottom of the page.

    example of interest inventory selections for younger students

    Older Students

    For each category on the page, choose the circle that shows how interested you are in books in that category. The circle farthest to the left shows the least interest; the circle farthest to the right shows the most interest. When you finish, select Save at the top or bottom of the page.

    example of interest inventory selections for older students

    Books in the student's recommended library are based on the student's level of interest in the eleven categories. Interests can always be changed after the initial inventory choices.

Finding Books in the Library

Select Library at the top of the myON window to start looking for books.

student select Library

Recommended Books

Select Recommended to see books that are recommended to you based on your year and your Interest Inventory. (Your Star score is also used if it is available.)

student selects Library, then Recommended

You will see a few book ideas at the top of the page. The book shown will change after a few seconds, but you can also use the arrows to see the next or last book.

example of a book banner

You will also see many categories of recommended books, including books in your ZPD (your reading range), top picks, special collections, books popular with students in your year and books about the topics you chose as interesting to you. Choose the arrow in a row to see more books.

select the arrow to see more books in a category

You can select the drop-down list in the last "Because I Like" group of recommended books to choose a different category.

example of a Because I Like drop-down list

example of a drop-down selection

If you want to change the interests you chose, select Edit your interests above the recommended books.

select Edit Your Interests

To see more information about a book, select the book cover. To open the book and start reading it, select the Read button button. To see information about the book, select the Info button button. To add the book to your favourites, select the Add button button. To take an Accelerated Reader Quiz (if one is available), select the Take AR Quiz button button.

book hover options

If you click the Info button button, a window with information about the book will open.

book information window

Next to each piece of information on the right, you can click more books like button to see more books like this one. For example, you could find more books from the same book series by clicking the icon next to the Book Series name.

To see more information about the book, click i button. You can see the author, the audio length, the ATOS book level, the AR quiz number and the copyright date.

To see book reviews, click book reviews button.


Select Browse to choose books by category.

student selects Library, then Browse

Choose one of the categories to see books in that category. If you would like to see the books in a subcategory, select it.

select a category

select a subcategory

You will see the books in the category or subcategory. If you select the filters icon (filter) icon, you can also choose whether to see only fiction books, only non-fiction or only graphic novels.

filters open

Usually the books that you find look like this:

If you want to see more information about the books, select the List button above the books. You will see a description of each book, its ATOS book level, the years and how long the audio is. If you want to go back to seeing just the book covers, select the Grid button.

Favourites & Bundles

Favourites & Bundles shows the books that you added using the Add button icon in a list of books, the add to my list button button when viewing a book's information or the add to my list icon button when reading a book. It is a good place to save books that you are interested in reading.


Select Search to look for books by title, author or other book information. You can also choose to find books that are fiction or nonfiction, books with certain book or reading levels, books for your year group or types of stories. For more information, see Using Filters When Searching.

student select Library, then Search

example of a search with filters open

Seeing Your Progress

A dashboard shows students goals and how many minutes they have read this week and month, how many books they have finished, and how many pages they have read. For more information, see Student Dashboard and Targets.

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Student Profile Report (Student Access)

Students and parents can print a profile report to see a visual snapshot of their personalised reading activity. See Student Profile Report (Student Access).

myON Apps

Get myON apps for iPad, Android, Kindle and Chrome apps.

Book Annotations

Students have access to literacy tools such as highlighter, brush and sticky notes.

Book Annotations (Early Years)

Book Annotations (Middle Years)

Book Annotations (Upper Years)