Getting Started with myON News, Powered by News-O-Matic

Learn how to navigate Renaissance myON News™, powered by News-O-Matic.


Front Page Overview

  1. Select the News tab.
  2. View the current five articles of the day. Select a current article to read.
  3. Use the arrow to view articles from previous days. You can view previous articles as far back as March 2017.

Navigating an Article

As you read an article, you can do the following:

Use the Options on the Right

As you read the article, use the options on the right side of the page.

Turn audio on.

Change the text of the article to English, French or Spanish and hear audio in the selected language. Note: myON News is published in American English.

Choose the text size you prefer.

See the geographical location of the article and some fun facts, and learn how far away the article location is from where you are.

Play a video to learn more.

Open a slideshow to learn more. Use the arrows to navigate through the slideshow.

Open a fact related to the article.

Act - Open a suggestion for an action you can take now that you have read the article.

Read about the author.

Read the credit and citation information for the source of the article and other materials.

View Definitions of Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary words in the article are underlined. Select one to hear it pronounced and to see what it means. In the definition window, you can click More to see more information. In the example below, you can see a longer definition and the pronunciation; click the speaker icon to hear the word again.

Rate the Article

At the end of the article, choose a rating. (Teachers and other personnel cannot choose a rating.)

Select a Book in the Read More Section

Select one of the "Read More" books to see more information. You can also choose to read the book or add it to your list.

Take the Quiz

Answer the quiz questions under the article. Then, select Turn In Answers.

Navigate to Other Articles

At the bottom of the article, use the arrows to see the other articles from the current edition of the news (five articles total).

Teacher Guides

For most, but not all days, Teachers will see a Teacher Guide button in the bottom left corner of the day's news page under the available articles.

Teacher Guides include the levels and word counts of the day's articles for each year. They also include the quiz questions and answers for each articles and vocabulary words for each article. Teachers Guides also include printable pages for students with the quiz questions and a discussion question for each article, a K-W-L Chart to fill in and a "Find the Five Ws and How" worksheet.

How Teachers See Information About Students' News Reading and Quizzes

When Teachers open an article, below the text, they can see how many of their students read the article, how many times it was read by their students, how much time the students spent reading it, and how many of their students rated the article with a thumbs up (+) or a thumbs down (-).

The News Reading Report and the News Content Report provide more information about your students' news reading and about article usage as described below. Overall quiz results are shown for articles in the News Content Report.

Report What It Includes
News Reading Report For each student, the report shows:

  • Student ID
  • First and last name
  • Student year
  • Number of articles read
  • Number of minutes reading news
  • Average number of minutes read per article
  • Percentage of days with myON News reading
  • Average number of minutes reading news per week
News Content Report For each article, the report shows:

  • Article name
  • Publish date
  • Category
  • Number of students who read the article
  • Number of times the article has been read
  • Number of minutes spent reading the article
  • Number of times questions have been answered for the article
  • The average percentage correct for article quiz questions
  • The number of times the article has been liked and disliked