How to Add Books to myList

Students, teachers and administrators can add books to their personal myList.

Whether you are viewing recommended books, browsing or searching for books, you will see an Add or button on the book cover and in the book information window. Click this button to add the book to myList.

Once the book is added to myList, the button will be grey. You can click the button again to remove the book from myList.

You can also add a book to myList as you read. Look for the myList button to the right of the zoom and full window buttons. After you select the myList button, you will see hearts move upward; then, the button will show a check mark instead of +. You can select the button again to remove the book from myList.

To check the list of books in myList, click Library, then myList.

Once you add books to myList, you can organise them into bundles. Teachers and administrators can share a bundle with students (as a category of Recommended books), and they can copy the books in a bundle into a project. For more information, seeĀ myList and Book Bundles.