How to Assign Students to Groups (Specialist)

As a specialist, follow the steps below to assign students to groups.

  1. Log in to myON as a specialist.
  2. From the main page (dashboard), click Classroom, then Students.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click the Assign icon for the group you want to assign students to.
  4. In the example below, students already assigned to the group will be noted by the tick to the left of their name.
  5. To add new students to the group, search for the student using name, ID number or user name. You can also search by school (specialists can select any school), year or the specialist's class or group. 

    If the student is in myON, his/her name should appear in the list of students. Tick the box to the left of a student's name to select the student; then, click Apply.

    Please keep in mind that classes and groups have up to 999 students assigned to them. Anything above that will result in an error.