How to Assign/Reassign Groups (School Administrator)

As a School Administrator, follow the steps below to assign or re-assign groups.

  1. From the School Administrator dashboard (main page), click My School, then Classes/Groups.
  2. select My School, then Classes/Groups

  3. Click the name of the group that needs the change(s) made.
  4. select a class or group

  5. Click a student's name to change the student's groups. (If you need to add more students, select the Assign button instead.) 
  6. select a student's name

  7. The next page will list the groups available in the student's classes. Tick the boxes next to the group(s) that you want the student to be a member of. Remove ticks from groups that you want to remove the student from. A ticked box means the student belongs to the group(s).
  8. tick a box to assign the student to a group

    At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of the teachers in the student's current school; those that the student is assigned to are ticked. You can add or remove ticks to change the student's class; to find a specific teacher more quickly, use the search field above the list. You can also use the drop-down list above the list of teachers to see the teachers for another school; this is useful if the student also works with teachers who are not assigned to your school.

    tick the teachers to assign the student to

    Once you assign a student from your school to a teacher from another school, that teacher will be able to assign more students from your school to their own class. The teacher will also have access to the books and myON features available at your school.