How to Manage Books

myON's recommendation engine limits the titles suggested to students based on their year level. However, it's possible for a student to browse books by category or even do a keyword search to locate books that are outside a student's year. This is normally a reduced risk because of the myON sorting algorithm, which puts books most appropriate for the student's year at the top of the results.

We try our best to reduce risk of controversial subjects, but these types of books are published, and they might be appropriate for different audience members. Rather than censoring titles, we want to highlight the titles that are more appropriate for the student who is accessing the collection.

If concerns are raised about some books in the collection, a School Administrator can follow the steps below restrict access to books based on students' years. Restrictions can be set for one book or many books at a time. This is a school-level restriction.

  1. Log on to myON using School Administrator credentials.
  2. From the School Administrator dashboard, select My School, then Account, and then the Books tab.
  3. select My School, then Account, and then the Books tab

  4. Use the filters to find the book(s) you would like to limit access to. You can search for a book title or series, or use the drop-down lists to select a specific book collection, books that already have a specific minimum year set, books from a specific publisher, or books in a specific series. You can also use the Added drop-down list to focus on books added recently. After entering the text to search for and/or choosing filters, select Search.
  5. book filter drop-downlists and search field

  6. When you find the books that you'd like to restrict, tick the boxes next to the titles to select the book(s).
  7. Use the Set min year of selected to drop-down list to choose the minimum year level for the book. Only students in this year and above will be able to access the book. You can also select No Access if necessary. Click Save to save your setting.
  8. tick the books and select a minimum year level

  9. The SET Min column will reflect the change. The SET By column will detail the date of the change and who made it.
  10. example of a change note in the Set By column