How to Change Your Information and Avatar (Teachers and Administrators)

Administrators and Teachers can change their own information and avatar by following these steps.

  1. After logging in, select your name in the top right corner of the page. To see and change your information, select User Info.
  2. select your name, then User Info

    You will see your name, email address, phone, user name, password, SIS ID, year (if set), and Star ZPD (typically only shown for students). You can change your information; the password is not shown, but you can enter a new one to change your password.

    You can set a year for your account if you want to see book recommendations based on a specific year when you go to Library, then Recommended. If you make any changes, select Save.

    example of user information page

  3. If you'd like to change your avatar (the picture next to your name), select Avatar.
  4. select your name, then Avatar

    If you decide to use a different avatar, select it. You will see the picture next to your name change at the top of the page.

    select an avatar

    Your avatar is an easy way for other users to identify you on some pages in the software. For example, a student will see the teacher's avatar above the projects that the teacher has assigned to that student.

    example of a teacher avatar shown to students with assigned projects

    When students select their name at the top of the page, they can also choose to change their avatar, though not their information.