How to Create Projects (School Administrator)

As a School Administrator, follow the steps below to create projects.

  1. From the School Administrator dashboard (main page), click My School, then Projects.
  2. In the top right corner of the page, click Create New Project.
  3. On the Projects page, enter the title of the project in the Title field. The other fields are options. Choose Mark as Shared if you would like to share your project. Tags are only applicable to shared projects, enabling other users to find the project using the shared Find tool.
  4. In the Add Tasks section, click the icon that represents the type of task you wish to add. (In the example above, the Reading Task is circled.) You can add one task to the project or multiple tasks.
    • If you select Reading Task, enter the title of the reading task you selected in the Title box. The Task Objective is optional. On the right side of the window, you can choose which activities or options are available to students when they read the books; for this project only, your choices will override school-level settings. Click Manage Books when you are ready to proceed.
    • Search for what you want to include in the project. You can search for books by title, series, author, publisher or description, and you can filter the results by fiction versus nonfiction, Lexile® level, ATOS book level, Guided Reading level, year level, language (English, Spanish or both) or book type (by length or audio availability). Select Find Books. In the results, tick the books that you would like to make part of the reading task in the project. When you have finished, click outside the window. In the reading task window, you can use the drop-down list above the book list to choose how many of the books students must finish to complete the task. Then, close the reading task using the red X.

    • If you chose a News Task (if available based on your licence), enter a title. (The Task Objective is optional.) On the right, search for articles by keyword. In the results, click the eye to see the contents of the article or the + to add the article to the project list on the left. If you choose more than one article, you can use the drop-down list above the "In my project" list to choose whether the task is complete when a student reads all articles or just one article. When you have finished selecting articles, click Accept.
    • If you choose a Graphic Organiser Task, enter a title; then, choose the type of chart or diagram that you want the students to make. When you have finished, close the task. For more information, see Graphic Organiser Project Tasks.
    • If you choose a Writing Task, enter the title; the Task Objective is optional. Use the Word Goal and Time Goal drop-down lists to choose goals as needed. If you want other students to comment on a student's work, check the Peer Review box. When you are done, select Add Item; then, enter a name for the writing task checklist item. If you want your writing task to have more than one item, enter the information for each additional item as needed, and each will be added to the list at the bottom of the window. When you have finished, close the task window.
    • If you choose an All Purpose Task, enter the title and task objective. Then, close the window.
  5. Click Save in the Projects window. Since the project is not yet assigned to students, it will be in the Inactive Projects section of the My Projects screen – usually the last project card in that section. The project will be made "active" once it is assigned to at least one student.