How to Create a User (Group Administrator)

As a Group Administrator, follow the steps below to create a user account.

If your group uses an automated rostering option to synchronise myON students and classes with your student information system, do not follow these steps to create student accounts. Instead, create users in the source that is synchronised with myON. If you need help, contact myON support.

  1. Log in to myON as a Group Administrator.
  2. Click on My Group, and then click on Users.
  3. From the Please select a school list, click the name of the school that the new user belongs to.
  4. Click on Create a User.
  5. Select the user's role and school; then, enter the user's information. First name, last name, user name, password and SIS ID are required. Middle name is optional. For teachers and administrators, you may enter an optional email address and phone number. Select the year for students; for teachers and administrators, you can leave the default "No Year" selection. When you have finished, select Save.
  6. Note that SIS IDs and user names cannot be duplicated, so you should avoid using the first name + last name as the SIS ID or user name; the possibility always exists that someone with the same first and last name may work for the group.

    User names and SIS IDs must be at least 3 characters long; passwords should also be at least 3 characters long.