How to Edit Groups and Classes (School Administrator)

School Administrators follow the steps below to add or remove a student from a teacher's class or from a group.

If your school or group uses an automated rostering option to synchronise myON students and classes with your student information system, do not edit teachers' classes manually. Instead, contact your administrator if you have any changes. You can edit group membership within myON.

  1. Log into myON as a School Administrator.
  2. On the main page (dashboard), click My School, then Classes/Groups.
  3. From this view you will see all teacher classes within your school. Click the name of the teacher's class or the group that you would like to edit.
  4. Note: There is currently no option available to re-assign or change the teacher of an existing class.

  5. Next, click the Assign button in the top right corner of the page.
  6. To delete a current student assigned to the class, remove the tick next to the the name(s) of the student; then, click Apply.
  7. A message will open, asking if you are sure you want to remove the student(s). Click Yes.
  8. To add a student, first find the student. You can search by name, ID or user name; you can also filter your select a specific year using the drop-down list. Names you are searching for always appear at the bottom of the list.
  9. Once you have located the desired student, tick the box to the left of the student’s name to add the student. Then, click Apply. The student will now be added to the selected teacher’s class.

    Note: Once the box next to the student's name is ticked, the student will continue to appear on the current list. You can then search or use the Year drop-down list to find other students who need to be added to the class, without losing the last student(s) added.

  10. Once you have made changes, click the Save button near the top right of the page. If you do not click Save, your changes will not be saved.
  11. To assign or remove students from an existing group, follow the same steps.

    Please note that groups cannot be created for other teachers at the School Administrator level. School Administrators can only create their own groups.