How to Edit Groups (Teachers)

Teachers follow the steps below to edit groups.

  1. Log into myON as a teacher.
  2. On the main page (dashboard), click My Classroom, then Students.
  3. Click the name of the group that you want to change on the left side of the page.
  4. The members of the group will be listed on the page.
  5. You can assign and remove students from the group, create new students, and change audio settings just as you do when you view your class.

    If you want to edit the name of the group, select Edit to the right of the group name.

    You can change the group name and description. You can also choose whether students are allowed to join the group themselves if they have the group code. (The group code is shown after you create the group on the left side of the page; see the example above in step 3.) When you have finished making your changes, select Save.