Linking Star Scores to Student Records in myON

If your school uses Star Reading, you can link your student's Star Reading scores to myON so that myON can recommend books that are within the student's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).

The ZPD is a range of suggested readability levels from which a student could select books to read. It is a range that is neither too hard nor too easy, within which students can experience optimal growth. Remember that ZPDs are approximate; use your professional judgment when recommending books to fit the ability level of each student.

When a student connects to Star, myON retrieves all of the student's Star Reading scores from the last two years. The most recent test provides the scores shown on the student's starting page in myON. As students take more tests, the information will be updated. Students only need to connect to Star Reading once.

Teachers and School Administrators can see which students have linked their Star data and their Star scores on theĀ myON with Star Report.

In the school settings, the School Administrator can choose whether students are asked to connect Star with myON. The School Administrator also determines which metrics are shown to students and listed in the myON with Star report.

Each student follows these steps to link his or her Star Reading scores to the information in myON:

  1. After logging in, you will see a suggested ZPD based on your year. If you have not yet linked your Star Reading score, you will see "myON + ?", then "myON + Renaissance Star Reading". Select Connect Now at the bottom of the banner.
  2. students select Connect Now

  3. Next, you will be asked to log in to the Renaissance software. Enter the user name and password that you use to log in when you take a Star Reading test.
  4. example of the User Login page for the Star test

  5. You will go back to myON. After a moment, you will see the score from your most recent Star test and the ATOS ZPD that is based on that test.
  6. an example of how students see their Star scores

    The Star score is shown using the Enterprise Scale.

Once you see your Star scores, you can select See more to see your Star scores for the last two years along with the number of days with reading and the number of minutes you read.

students select See More

Use the buttons in the top left corner of the graph to choose whether to see your Star scores or ATOS ZPDs from your Star tests. Star Reading scores are shown as solid orange circles . To pause the animations on the graph, select Pause Animations under the graph.