How to Log In to myON

If your school uses an option that synchronises login with another site, please skip option 1.

Option 1: Logging in at Via a Web Browser

Open a new browser tab and navigate to (For some users, the address may be different; use the address that your school provides to you.) The login screen appears as follows:

Please enter your school name, user name and password as provided to you by your teacher or administrator for myON. Then, click Sign In.

If your school name is not listed after you type the first few characters, see School Name Does Not Appear in Drop-Down List.

Option 2: Logging in to the myON App

Locate and open the myON app from your selected device. (iPad, Android, Kindle Fire HD, or Chrome). New users will need to be added to the app.

What if I have problems logging in with the information I was provided?

User Name or Password Issues

If you experience issues with logging in to myON via a web browser, or if you have forgotten your password, the message you will likely see is "Invalid Username or Password".

If you experience issues with logging in to myON via the app, or you have forgotten your password, you may see a message that tells you the user name or password you entered was incorrect. If you get this message, try to log in again. If you continue to get this message, do one of the following:

  • Students:┬áContact your teacher.
  • Teachers: Contact your School Administrator.
  • School Administrators:┬áContact the Group Administrator.
  • Group Administrator: Contact your data person.

Licence Is Expired Message

You may see this message if a user is logged in to an incorrect account or if the subscription for myON has expired. Contact your administrator, or contact myON Technical Support.

If you still are unable to log in after trying the suggestions above, contact myON Technical Support.

Please note: Due to data privacy laws and policies, myON Technical Support is not able to provide specific student user names and passwords for myON. Contact the teacher or school directly for this information. However, myON can often provide the user name and password format, which can be helpful in getting you logged in.