Entering Comments on Writing Tasks and Overseeing Peer Reviews (Teachers)

Teachers can comment on a student's writing for a project writing task. They can also read any peer review, remove a peer review or add notes to a peer review by following the steps below.

  1. From the teacher dashboard (main page), click Classroom, then Projects.
  2. select Classroom, then Projects

  3. Click the eye on the project containing the activity that you want to review.
  4. select the eye icon for a project with peer reviews

  5. In the Project Status section (in the top right corner of the page), click Finished, then click the name of the student to see the student's writing and the peer reviews for that writing.
  6. select the number of finished students, then a student's name

  7. Select the writing task icon.
  8. select the writing task icon

    You will see the student's writing, with the peer review(s) to the right in pink. You can also enter and save your own review.

    example of writing with peer reviews

    If the peer review contains content that is inappropriate, or you want the entry removed for some other reason, click the red x in the top right corner of the peer review; then, click Yes in the Delete Confirmation message.