How to Share a Direct Link to a myON Book (Teachers and Administrators)

Teachers and Administrators can share a direct link to a specific myON book by doing one of the following. All three approaches will copy the link to your clipboard so that you can paste the link into a message or email to another user of your site.

  • While reading the book, select the link button at the bottom of the window. Then, select Link to page if you want to link to a specific page or Link to book if you simply want to link to the book itself (the beginning).
  • While viewing books in the Library, select the Share drop-down below the book cover; then, select Copy Book Link.
  • While viewing books in your Favourites and Bundles, select the Edit drop-down below a book; then, select Copy Book Link in the menu that opens.

You can then send the link (URL) to another student, teacher or administrator who is using your myON site.

The person who receives the link (URL) can paste it into their browser. That user must then log in as they normally would through myON. Once the user has logged in, the book will open.

Note that this approach does not give you access to a book that is not available on your myON site. If a teacher using another site shares a link to a book that is not part of your collections, you will be asked to choose a book from the myON library.