myON News, Powered by News-O-Matic: FAQ

What is myON news?

If myON News is available on your site, students, teachers and administrators can open it by selecting the News icon at the top of any myON page.

select News at the top of the page

myON News delivers developmentally appropriate content, based on current events, in a year-round daily news feed within the myON literacy ecosystem.

  • Since launching in April 2017, myON News has been publishing 5 student-friendly articles every weekday.
  • Every news article is written for Year 1-Year 9 students and reviewed by a child psychologist.
  • Articles are available in English, French and Spanish with recorded audio, and they are presented at three reading levels in English. Multimedia features are also available within each article.
  • Individual articles incorporate links to authentic multimedia resources and books within myON to further student understanding and exploration of topics.

Which level of myON news articles will my students see?

Students will see articles at a level based on the upper end of their Zone of Proximal Development. If students have taken Star tests, the ZPD is based on their assessment scores. If not, a ZPD appropriate for their year is used.

There are three levels of news articles, based on the following ATOS book levels:

  • <= 3.6
  • > 3.6 and < 5.4
  • >= 5.4

Can I change the level of the news for a teacher account?

To change the level of news articles that show in a teacher's search, you will need to adjust the year level in the teacher's user profile. To do this, on the teacher's main page, click your name in the top right corner; then, click User Info. In the Experience Settings section of the User Information page, use the Year Group drop-down list to choose the appropriate year. Click Save.

What news categories does myON News, powered by News-O-Matic, have?

  • Arts
  • Around the World
  • Animals
  • U.S.
  • Sports
  • Discovery (science and technology)
  • Wacky
  • Kids in the news

news categories

My students have been reading news stories. Why are their reader meters not changing?

The reader meter will only move when students are reading books in the program. Reading the news will not count toward the reader meter.

How can I verify which students are reading the news?

Educators can open a news article to see how many students have read it, how much time was spent reading and how many students liked or disliked the article; the information is shown below the article text. Two reports also provide information on myON News. The News Reading report will tell you how many articles each student is reading and for how long. The News Content report will show you which articles/editions and article categories are being read the most.

news reports

Why is nothing popping up when I click the running headlines on the Front Page?

Running Headlines are the 2-3 headlines that display in the bottom right corner of the myON News page. Only 1 headline will display at a time, and the next headline will appear after a few seconds on the page. When a running headline includes the words "Tap for", clicking it will open a popup window about that headline. Not all headlines will have a feature to tap on.

example of a running headline

Are new Teacher Guides available every day?

Teacher guides are available in the program for most, but not all days. The Teacher Guide button will be in the bottom left corner of the page under the available articles. Note: Teacher's Guides are suspended during the summer (stopping about mid-June and resuming in mid-to-late August).

teacher guide button

When I look through the previous editions, yesterday's is missing. Why is that?

The Current edition will be the most recently published edition (red banner). Previous editions (yellow banner) will show the published date at the top. News articles are published at 5pm EST, Monday to Friday. If you are looking at the Current edition at 2pm on a Thursday and click the back button, the published date of the Previous edition will show Tuesday. There are no missing articles. The Current articles you are reading are Wednesday’s articles. Think of it like a physical newspaper; the newspaper is printed on Tuesday night for Wednesday news.

Why is the map feature not working properly?

When viewing the map, a popup message will open that asks you to allow myON News, powered by News-O-Matic, to know your location. If popups or mapping features are blocked by your IT department, the map will not show the location of your students in relation to news around the world.

Is there an easy way to search myON News?

myON News includes a searchable archive. This allows teachers and students to find news articles that were previously published.  You can use the keyword text box to either search for your own keyword (like "education") or select a specific category to show all articles in that area.

news search field