Roles in myON

When users are added to myON, each is assigned a role based on what that person does in your schools and needs to do in the myON software.

  • Group Administrators can only be added by Renaissance personnel. They set the group account settings and can set up and access all schools, classes and users. Group Administrators can create and share projects but not assign them directly. They can run reports for all schools, classes and users. This role is typically for the myON software administrator.
  • School Administrators can be added by Group Administrators. School Administrators can set up and run reports on a specific school and the classes and users in that school, and School Administrators choose settings that are specifically for their school. They can also assign projects to students in their school. This role is appropriate for school administrators.
  • Teachers can monitor and assign work for students in their class. They can create students and assign students to their class, and they can create groups and assign their students. They can also choose audio settings for their students. Teachers can be added by School Administrators or Group Administrators.
  • Students log in to read books, see their progress and complete projects assigned by the teacher.

You cannot change a user's role after the user has been created in myON software, but you can deactivate existing users and create new ones as needed.