Student Dashboard and Targets

After logging in to myON, students see a dashboard that tells them about their reading progress.

What Are the Targets?

Each student's first targets are:

  • Read 20 minutes per week and 80 minutes per month.
  • Read 2 books per week and 8 books per month.
  • Read 32 pages per week and 128 pages per month.

After the first week and the first month of reading, the student's new targets are 120% of the achievements of last week and last month. So if the student read 30 minutes last week, the target for this week is 36 minutes.

Note: These targets are not related to targets that teachers or administrators set on reports.

Reception through Year 6: Scooter, Race Car and Rocket

Students in Reception through year 6 see a dashboard like the one shown below. They can use it to see targets that myON sets for each week and each month.

How Does the Student See Progress?

For each target, the student's progress is shown as a scooter as the student works toward the target. As the student reads books, the scooter moves further on the line to show progress. For time spent reading and pages read, progress is updated as the student turns pages in a book. For books finished, progress is updated whenever the student finishes a book. The flag shows where the student's target is.

When the student meets a target, the scooter changes to a race car.

When a student has passed a target far enough (at least 120% of the last target), the race car changes to a rocket.

How Does the Student See Other Targets?

The first target the student is shown is the time spent reading this week. To see the other targets for the week, the student can select Books finished or Pages read.

To see the targets for the month, the student selects Month. Then, the student can select any of the three monthly targets. (The student selects Week to go back to the weekly targets.)

Years 7-13: Gauges and Trophies

Students in years 7-13 see gauges for each target and trophies when they meet the target.

How Do Students See Progress?

Students will see a gauge for each target. The pointer on the gauge will tell the student how close he or she is to making the target. Below the gauge, the student will see his or her accomplishment from last week.

Once the student meets a target, the student will see a trophy at the top of the gauge along with the achievement. The gauge will show how much more the student did than the target required. In the first example below, the student read 3 books this week and 2 books last week, so the student has read 50% more books.

How Do Students See Monthly Targets?

To see monthly targets, the student selects the arrow pointing down in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard area. To go back to weekly targets, the student selects the arrow pointing up.