Student Profile Report (Student Access)

The student profile report is a visual snapshot of a user's personalised reading activity. Access this by logging in to your account. (Parents, have your child log in to begin.)

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click your name or avatar to open the personal menu buttons.
  3. Click Profile.
  4. This will open a new window with your reading profile.

The student profile was designed to be printed as a conversation starter between parents and students. Teachers can also view this report for a student through the student's account.

The Student Profile Report includes information about the student's most recent and most prestigious awards. Awards are given each day for the top 25 readers in four categories: most reading time in all of myON, most reading time for your year in all of myON, most reading time in your school and most reading time in your year within your school. Students qualify for awards if they read more than 5 minutes a day.

A note about printing: The student profile report is formatted to print on a single page; however, some aspects of printing depend on the user’s printer, so they cannot be preset by myON. You may need to adjust the scale or turn off headers/footers to get the report to print to one page.