Transferring Users Between Schools (Group Administrator)

As a Group Administrator, follow the steps below to move users from one school to another.

If your school group uses an automated rostering option to synchronise myON students and classes with your student information system, do not follow the steps below to transfer users between schools. Instead, make your changes in the source that myON is synchronised with. If you need additional assistance, contact myON Support.

  1. Log in to myON as the Group Administrator.
  2. Click My Group, then Users.
  3. select My Group, then Users

  4. From the Please select a school list, click on the school where the user is currently assigned.
  5. select a school in the list if necessary

  6. On the Users page, enter the first or last name or user name of the person who needs to be transferred. When the user is listed, click his or her name.
  7. example of a user search

  8. For students, on the page that shows the student's information, Edit user is selected. Select Classes.
  9. for students, select the Classes/Groups icon

  10. Use the School or assigned school drop-down to change the user's school.
  11. For students, under Assigned Teachers, tick the box next to the name of the person who will be the student's teacher in the new school.
  12. Click Apply (for students) or Save (for other users) when you have finished.