Using Filters When Searching

The steps below describe how to best use the search function on the myON Library tab.

  1. From the dashboard (main page), click Library, then Search.
  2. If you do not see the filter options, you many need to click the  (funnel) icon in the upper left part of the page.
  3. For teachers with no year and for students in upper years, the page looks like this:

    For students in lower years, the page looks like this:

    A complete description of the filter options is listed below. Note: Each option has sub-options that give you greater ability to filter on just what you are looking for.

     For younger students, clicking this icon gives you access to the following filters:  Series, Title, Author, Description and Publisher. (For teachers and older students, these options show automatically.

    Clicking this icon allows you to search for either Fiction or Non-fiction books.

    The Lexile option allows you to search for books that match the Lexile® scores you select.

    The ATOS option allows you to search for the ATOS book level you are interested in. Click here for more information on ATOS, book levels and interest levels.

    Click the Reading Level or Guided Reading icon to search for books based on reading level (A-Z). For more information, see

    You can select the needed Year Level by clicking this icon.

    The Story Type or Book Type icon allows you to search for books that are Short, Medium, Long or Epic.  You can also specify whether you want books with audio or without audio.

    Clicking the Language icon gives you the option to search for books in English, in Spanish or bilingual books.

  4. Once you have made your filter selection, enter the keywords you are searching for in the Search field under the Recommended, Browse and myList icons. Click on the magnifying glass icon to start searching for the words.
  5. Using punctuation and words like "the", "a" and "and" can make it harder for the software to find the specific books you are looking for. Search for the main words in the title to find books quickly.